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The presence of the participant from various industry sectors at our recent Tax & Grants Seminar has helped to make this event a great success. In this seminar, we had shared:

1. The common tax mistakes committed by every company and how to prevent it

Do you know when payment is not received by the due date, a 5% penalty and subsequently an additional 1% penalty can be imposed on the unpaid tax?

2. Government Grants in Singapore

There is a lot of government grant in the market. In this seminar, we highlighted some of the grants and schemes that everyone may not be aware of.

3. Software solutions that make your business more profitable.

In today’s increasingly competitive, technology-driven business world, all organizations looking to improve their activity and productivity are leveraging the benefits offered by the world of software. As such, we have shortlisted the most popular software.



Click HERE to download the presentation slide of the Tax & Grants Seminar.


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